DCR said that this shack had to go before they could finish the deal and close by January 4th and winter was literally just around the corner. The snow started falling just as we were finishing up.

  • First Survey - 11/22/09
  • First Workday - 11/28/09
  • Final Success - 12/5/09




Ashburnham Conservation Trust
Ashburnham Fire Dept.
Plantscape Services of Winchendon
Karen and Scott Sargent of Westminster
Mike Root
Mr. Mike K. from Kelton Rd
Jason and Nicole
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Al and Deidre Futterman
Laura and Kevin Rice
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David Hillbrook

Finally, a crucial stretch of the Midstate Trail is about to be protected.  The Ashburnham Conservation Trust has been working on this project on and off for over five years and we are almost there.  This 174 acre parcel of land provides one of the best views along the 92 mile Midstate Trail. As you can see from the background photo it reveals what Ashburnham is about, rolling hills, clear blue lakes and majestic mountains.  Standing at this location you are in the neighborhood of Bald Eagles that can be seen ice fishing on Stodge Meadow Pond below.

It will soon be owned by the Department of Conservation and Recreation and open to the public in perpetuity for passive recreation, if you call hiking mountains passive.  The current owners of the property have generously offered the property up for conservation at a very reasonable price, making sure that it fell within the States capacity to acquire,  but because of the difference in the appraisal value an additional 30K dollars has to be raised to make up the difference between the asking price and what the State is able to pay.  ACT has committed to paying the difference of 30K.  Your donations both past and hopefully future, will be going directly towards this balance.

December 5th we removed the shack as mandated by the State. Check under the Photos tab for srecent photos.

Thank You for visiting the Ashburnham Conservation Trust's Mt. Hunger Update Site . We hope that the information provided will convince you of the importance of acting today to save this extraordinary place. We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization. Your donations are tax deductible as allowable by law. Stodge Meadow Pond is a spring fed waterbody that lies between Mt. Hunger and Mt. Watatic. In the winter you can see open patches of water as a result of the spring feeds from below.  As you can see from the images below this provides a great habitat opportunity for the Bald Eagles to find fish in the winter. Here are photos of a parent is fishing with its two juveniles fledglings.


eagles eaglesthree